Video: Make A Wish Birthday Card

In this video, I’ll show you how to create a watercolor background with stitched stars and turn it into a card. I loved how Kristina Werner & WPlus9 made their backgrounds to look like outer space with stars. I mostly stuck with WPlus9’s technique of using watercolor to create this background. When great creative minds such as these are humble and say that they’re not good at watercoloring, they’re lying. It seriously took me a couple tries to get the outer space background to look the way I wanted. While there is a lot of wiggle room to just do whatever, you kinda have to layer the colors in a way to make it look right. 

I started out by laying down a wash of gray and black blobs and let that dry a little before filling in the lighter parts with some color and then let that dry again before adding the white spatters. You pretty much have to experiment and get it the way you want before you’re truly satisfied. I guess the learning process is part of the fun though. 

Anyway, I hope to be more regular with my video postings so stay tuned! 


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