Update on Life & Bonus Tutorial

I realize I haven’t been posting anything new especially in the video arena and for that I apologize. Life has been extremely busy leading up to the holidays and I haven’t had a chance to film anything. Next year, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to start filming and put up a video at least once a month. My iPhone 4s is not cutting it nor have I had an easy time getting photos and video content from it to my computer. That is part of the reason why I haven’t put any new content up.

In any case and enough with the excuses, here is something I crafted tonight. I have a special outfit planned out for Christmas & some parties coming up. I’m pretty sure you can guess what I’ll be wearing just based on this.

I hope all of my non-existent readers have a happy holiday season and I look forward to hearing from you next year.

PS – As a means of some consolation, I’ve included a tutorial on how I made this below. To make it extra jolly, stitch on some jingle bells under the feather!

Buddy Elf Hat DIY

Green Felt
Red Felt
Yellow Felt
Hot Glue
Green Embroidery Thread
Thin Headband

1) Cut a large symmetrical circle out of the green felt and then cut the circle in half.

2) Cut a donut out of the yellow felt that is smaller than the green circle and cut it in half.

3) Fold the green half circle in half and sew the seam with a backstitch as close to the edge as possible. Flip the finished cone inside out afterwards.

4) Cut a feather shape out of some red felt and snip slits into the sides to mimic a feather’s fronds.

5) Hot glue the yellow half donut to the green cone. When you get toward last inch, hot glue the red feather down and cover it with the last inch of the yellow strip.

6) Cut small slits in the sides of the elf hat and thread a headband into the holes.


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